Making Your Dreams a Reality

Making Your Dreams a Reality

A new book by Dr. Jeff E. Walker

God Wants You to Have a Dream!

"I invite you to take from Jeff's book the thoughts and ideas that will cause expectancy to rise in your mind and heart, just as if Jesus Himself were talking to you, and to allow God to move so mightily on you that you will not only grasp His dream for your life, but will also make that dream a reality for His honor and glory."
from foreword by Oral Roberts

In this groundbreaking new book, you will discover:

- Why God Needs You To Dream Big
- 7 Points of Power that Come with a Dream
- 7 Ways to Receive Your Dream from God
- 7 Benefits of Seeing the End at the Start
- 4 Reasons a Dream Might Bring Fear
- 4 Reasons a Dream Can Bring Excitement
- How to Pursue Dreams Despite Setbacks
- The Dream Synergy of Faith and Patience
- The Power of Your Words Regarding Your Dream


"This book is meant as a challenge. It is a challenge to you the reader, and it is a challenge to me as the author. I write it because I want to challenge us both to dream big dreams, to allow God to stir up in you and me everything He wants to do, and for us to move forward in that dream. God has been faithful in the past; he's seen us through heartache and victory. We can and certainly should appreciate what God has done for us and through us in the past. But, we can't live back there. We can't live in the past...good or bad! We must shake ourselves and say, 'This is today, and I'm going to live today.' That attitude is what helps us make our dreams a reality."

an excerpt from Making Your Dreams a Reality