Lessons From The Red

Lessons From The Red

Lessons From The Red: A Collection of Devotions For a World Famous Dad

A new book by Deci Connelly


This study began with a Louisiana cowboy. It was a request from my stepfather, “World Famous” Bob McGrew, for a series of lessons taken from the Gospels emphasizing the words of Jesus “in the red.” His earnest desire to know Jesus in a deeper way touched my heart. How can you say no to such a request?

In keeping with his philosophy of life, “Keep it simple,” these lessons attempt to do just that. They focus on the life and ministry of Jesus who is the Cornerstone—the foundation of our faith. These emails were written with Robert as the intended recipient of my personal reflections from the Scriptures. It was my hope that he would use them to develop his own devotional time with God. Per his request, they are shared with you exactly as they were sent in the original emails.

-Rev. Deci Connelly, M.Min.

My mother, Eloise Porrier McGrew, always told me, “Son, when you are down in life, read the red in the Bible. That is Jesus talking.” I never forgot what she said, especially when times were hard. I would like to share these lessons from the red in the hope that others like me can better understand what Jesus is saying. She makes it so simple.

-Robert L. McGrew