I Made a Decision

Whether you think yourself to be a success, or feel you have failed, Jesus loves you right now.  No matter what face you wear for others to see,

you may be hurting and lonely, confused and afraid. If this is true, Jesus wants to help you. It makes no difference what mistakes you have

made, or what terrible things you may have thought or done. No one is too bad or too wicked. No one is too far lost or too unclean. 

Jesus loves you, He gave His life for you. You can trust Him to help you, to heal you, to save you.

All He needs is your permission. 

Pray This Prayer

“Lord Jesus, I need You. You said in Your Word that whoever calls on You will be saved.

Lord Jesus, I call on You now and I thank You for saving me.

I open the door of my life to You and ask You to come in and help me.

Thank you, Jesus.”

(Romans 10:8-10)  

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